Tuesday, January 6

permit test and comedy sportz!

alright friends.

tomorrow. i take my permit test. please give me any tricks you have up your sleeve. meaning, advice.

secondly. thursday. comedy sportz. i will make my debut. it's at northwood, 7 PM. BE THERE and watch me make bad jokes!

comment as soon as possible if you have any permit test tips...wooo.


blythe said...

hmmm tricks....
just, study.

and try to relax.
you can always take the thing again, if need be. :]

Anonymous said...


make sure to answer all the questions though.

Shannon said...

yeah, permit test........... relax, trust yourself, dont worry about it.

(classic heath&shan mode of living)

and yay for comedy sportz!!!!!!!!!!! i cant make it, but when's your next one?

kamini maya said...

awww. this is probably to late, but good luck!

kamini maya said...
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kamini maya said...
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Katie said...

unfortunately, i don't have any tricks since i haven't taken my Driver ED yet (there is a long story behind it as to why). However, I think that you should just study and review what you learned. Good luck!

I would LOVE to go see you make bad jokes! lol! But, i am far behind in my homework for this week. It's so sad. =( Have fun, though! =)

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