Monday, January 5

i WAS all for going back to school...

until my alarm went off at 5 this morning and i realized the extent of the end of winter break.
and i WAS trying to be positive...except i got TWO F'S on tests. TWO. that is not okay.

...only five and a half more months?


Katie said...

i totally understand. I also got an F on my test. it was horrible.

kamini maya said...

awww =[
look at the bright side, the semester is almost over, and then you can start over with a clean slate

David said...

this is wierd (weird?) having a conversation via this
im actually really good
ive been learning a lot from God lately and its really fun to apply it because hes always right about stuff
oh and ive got a new musical direction
i feel rap and r & b is my true calling haha
what about you?
still, uhh... doin... stuff?