Wednesday, January 21

it was almost a good plan.

so carson and i were driving home from school, when i saw this kid from my history class walking home, about to walk up this giant hill. and he looked tired. and i felt compassion in my large heart.

so i told carson to turn around so we could give him a ride home, and while we're turning, we see another kid that carson knows, so we plan to get him too on our way back up the hill.

so we pull up next to the first guy (michael) and i roll down the window.
this was the dialogue:
"hey michael, do you want a ride?"
"no, i'm fine."
"where do you live?"
"at the top of the hill."
"oh so do we, we'll take you home."
"no, no, it's fine."
"come on, get in!"
"no, really, it's good exercise."
"michael. come on now. get in the car."
"i'm fine!"
as we were driving away, i yelled "last chance..." out the window...and he yelled back "i'm fine..."

alright then michael, i hope you got a lot of exercise...

so, we go to pick up the other kid...but he disappeared. literally. he must have ran into vons or something? we went home, our car deprived of poor children walking home from school.

so much for being good samaratins...


blythe said...

well, i appareciate your heart in the matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I sure would have taken you up on any offer to get a ride - even if it was downhill!!!
love ya, gr ma

Katie said...

that does hurt when someone refuses your offer of a ride or help, but I love how you had compassion in your heart to ride someone from your class to his house. it was very sweet of you to do so! :)

Carrie said...

wow, you are just hilarious. I am adding you to my blog now.. ;)