Sunday, December 7

this dress is beautiful.

winter formal oh eight anyone?

and these necklaces?!
(all from Urban. Mom and Dad, if you're reading this- CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Don't read your blog.

m e g • (an) said...

Heather heather heather!
I love it!
It's so vintage!

Oh, that editing program. I usually use Adobe Photoshop, but on those pictures i just used
It might be the easiest thing i have ever used, and it's free! Whoohoo.

Anonymous said...

oh heather, it is ADORABLE, but are you really a vintage type person?

Katie said...

omigosh! all of that stuff is so cute!!! =D

blythe said...

i totally own that fan necklace.

only mine was given to me by my grandma like 13 years ago.
how's that for vintage.