Saturday, December 6

the latest disneyland picture instillment

first of all, what you've all been waiting for:
(aj on the left, with the bizarre hair, looking back, and aly on the right with the skull backpack and sk8r shoes.)

oh, you know, just being emo at 8 AM on the way there.

honey i shrunk the kids.
friend pic!
the intention of this picture was to weird out the man who took it.
get a load of these superheros.

well, there you have it folks.


Erin said...

1. Your friend picture by the tree is darling. I vote you make it a Christmas card and send it out this year.
2. Which one is Aly and which one is AJ? They have very ugly outfits on.

Katie said...

lol. i love ur pics! =)

blythe said...

i always see mrs. incredible BY HERSELF when i'm at california adventure. and then i get uber-creeped by all the middle-aged dads gawking at her. bleh.