Monday, December 15

i would like to take this time to make a list of my insanely hectic week.

for the purpose of writing it all down so that i can stay on task,
and also for the purpose of letting you all in on my life.

write and film a movie for an english project

edit movie
perform scrooge all day for the english classes...therefore missing class and having makeup work
small group christmas party at church

showcase scrooge at night...have no time to do all other work

AP euro unit exam
AP euro flashcards due
physics unit exam
english essay due
spanish piƱata due

all of this, on top of homework from every class.
teachers just LOVE cramming everything in right before break.
fun, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I don't think I had that much stuff to do when I was in highschool, but maybe that's because I was in YOUR grade in 1948 or 1948....maybe things were different then, right? love ya, gr ma

kamini maya said...

I KNOW! It's pretty much ridiculous. Look at it this way, you survive 4 more days, and then 14 days off.

kamini maya said...
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kamini maya said...
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Katie said...

i know! my teachers are doing that to me, too! they also keep telling us to prepare for our exams in January! argh!

m e g • (an) said...

I know how you feel.
I have final exams in all of my classes, even orchestra.
I know right.
Just stay focused on the fact that we can play in the snow- er, sand? Sand for you?
Just stay focused on the fact that we are out of school for a couple weeks.

kamini maya said...

the mini-drama production that we watched in first period english was very cute.

Shannon said...

good luck heath :) you'll do great. especially on the pinata.

cant wait to see you on monday!