Sunday, December 14

fine, anonymous, i'll blog.

okay, so i blogged this whole giant blog, and then cut it so i could put in pictures and then paste it later.
but then i forgot and cut and pasted other things.
and so now it's gone.

alright, i'll do it again- just for you.
i'd better get a heck of a lot of comments.

i have not blogged since tuesday. i realize that. but the matter of the fact is, i am a busy woman.

wednesday was small group. it was grand.

thursday was comedy sportz dinner/game. i am really really loving being a part of it, woo cheesy.

and friday! friday, friday, friday. an amazing day, for the most part.

we had a performance for drama 2 of scrooge. we all transported by bus to foothill to perform for the 5th and 6th graders. it was sure to be great-- except for the fact that as soon as i got to school, i was faint and dizzy and hot and nauseous. dear little danielle went outside with me and told me to breathe and drink water. so i did. different people came and comforted me and tried to figure out what was wrong with me- we all had absolutely no idea, though. i was fine before i left for school...

so anyway, i went back inside after a while and the aide told me to lay on the couch and take it easy. so i did. but i still was feeling like i was about to die.

so we were boarding the bus, and i asked beid if i could sit in the front so that i wouldn't puke...and then i just started crying. i did not want to feel like crap on what was supposed to be a really really fun day. he asked if i wanted to stay back and get picked up and go home...but in no way was i going to miss this highly anticipated day. so i cried more and said that i wanted to go still, and i sat down and cried more and closed my eyes and breathed and prayed that i would get better.

and i did! i felt faint and nauseous up until we were about to perform- then i was all good. it was a miracle. a magical little christmas miracle.

my dad analyzed the sitch when i got home, and the source of my sickness was taking pills on an empty stomach. it's weird that it can affect you so much!

the performance itself was great- and after, we had a photoshoot back at our school.

get ready for the pictures.

so we found this wig,
and embraced the photo opp.dreamgirls
the beatles

ramona quimby

then we all mocked the beidxcore kids.
notice my hair- it took 2 hours.

i was talking to my mother about how i almost passed out.

on the bus, trying to get better and breathe.

danielle's eyes!

after THAT, melissa, kai, vanessa, and danielle all came over and we embraced the christmas spirit and took fake family pictures and listened to christmas music and made cookies.

the dysfuncional family--
the mom who just wants to get a substantial picture: me.
emo daughter: d sol
duaghter who DGAFs: melissa
the perfect daughter: baby v
the father who just wants to watch football: kai kai

such a successful day! despite almost dying in the morning.
i am listening to janu and the whalesharks- they are MY FAVORITE.
listen to them, it will make your day.

this is h. leith- over and out.


Cory said...

oh ... so nice of you to comment on the happenings of afterwards.. i mean those events basically ruled the night over. i mean who couldnt mention it. well obviously you did. but thats fine.

kamini maya said...

heather, i have seriously never posted on your blog before, except that comment, "you haven't posted on tuesday"... i apologize for maybe slightly pissing you off


Shannon said...

• i LOVE your curls that took two hours!!

• the pills on an empty stomach sickness is the WORST. ahhh. that's horrible, heath

• cant wait to see you when i get home in a week!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Heather, you deserve a comment after WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH! Sounds like you deserve two comments, so here it is - Yes, Heagher, you deserve a comment after WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH. How's that for two comments????

love ya, GR MA

Katie said...

your hair looks really cute!!! your drama group must be a lot of fun to hang out with. =)