Tuesday, December 30

boom mics and stiff necks

never again will i crack my neck.

why, you ask?
because yesterday morning, i woke up at 6:30 to go to driver's ed, and i cracked my neck, like i always do. except this time when i cracked it in one direction, it made this disgusting sound, like a tendon snapping in half or something. i was horrified, and it hurt really really bad.

and i couldn't turn my head to the left, cool. so i tried to stand up and go about my regular business, except every time i stood up i was all dizzy and faint. so i went to my mother's room and told her of my predicament, and i cried because my neck and shoulder in such agony.

so all day in driver's ed i tried to massage it out, except it didn't work. i still couldn't turn my head.

so. we decided to go to the chiropractor. my mom looked one up and we went to dr. johnson. and it turns out, he is my dear friend phillip's father! what are the chances?!

he was a miracle worker. dr. johnson is my new favorite person. except this morning the pain all came back and i have a heating pack thing on my neck, and i have to go back.

or should i say i GET to go back. because i get a delightful massage and he like sits on me to crack my back. it's wonderful.

so after the chiropractor last night i went to see valkyrie with melissa and rachel and melissa's stepsister. it was good. and confusing. but good nonetheless.

except for the fact that the boom mic was in the shot FIFTEEN TIMES. i counted, and i was so angered. even the cheapest of cheap budgeted movies don't have the microphone hanging down in even one shot. melissa and i were appalled. you don't do that.

hwrjH#IOr0ee9fjw90i i am so scattered right now. i can't think straight. this has been a horribly formatted post, but i think my pinched neck nerve is affecting my thought process. so will you forgive me? i don't even know how to end.



Katie said...

awwww... i hope that you'll feel better soon.

kamini maya said...

Drivers Ed? That actually sounds like fun, but I've been way to lazy.