Friday, November 21

post number 600!

how did that come so quickly?
looking back, my first couple hundred posts are so embarrassing.
dear reader, if you ever look back at old posts and think "this girl was a psychopath," don't worry about it, i have changed. i no longer think that being random is funny- i.e...

"I eat garlic with my toes."

or "So today, we established that I am Catwoman. I am their arch enemy. I attack cities with my hissing and clawing. I constantly try to defeat Dogman and Seniorman. I destroy towns to the theme song that was playing in Daphne's. Yeah, that's right, I have a theme song. It is Greek."

oh my gosh, humiliating.
this is the number one reason why i am not eager to tell people i blog...because if they look back they will question my sanity.

okay so how did this relate to post number 600?
i forgot...

either way i am proud of my accomplishments and thankful that i am not a gross and embarrassing 8th grader anymore.

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Katie said...

lol. that has happened to me before. sometimes i look back at some of my posts and think, "omigosh! why did i post this!?" ;)