Tuesday, November 18

and so the journey begins.

first comedy sportz practice was today.

here comes a list.
in three.

- i got in trouble after practice for "laughing about inside jokes with nikki adams..." sautner even told me to stay away from her...but he was confusing me for melissa. she talked to nikki about inside jokes, not me. yet she did not admit it, because she was already in trouble for talking too much and asking dumb questions. yeah, that's why we're BeStIeZzZZZzz. we "stick up for each other."

- we played easy games. but i blanked a lot on stage...whatevs. first practice. i'm all good.

- after practice saut saut talked about his eyeball rupturing and him being blind for like a month. i could not hold in my laughter. but it wasn't good because we were mid-getting in trouble.

- i really have nothing else to say about it...i'll just continue on with news from my day.

- joanna and i took fashion pictures for the yearbook today. i am discovering that i take good pictures! probably from watching shannon all these years.

- we always have to go to the orchestra room to pull people out to get their pictures. well, twice, but you know, it seems like a lot, because every time we enter, they are all intensely tuning their violins, etc., and they all just look at us stealthily, their eyes full of disgust for disrupting their sacred practice. it's like we are entering a secret society meeting, and we are the enemy they were just gossiping about. did that make sense? and then we tried to pull out this bass player (the "first seater," so we were told?) to talk about his mozart-like talent, but this girl glared at us and was like "CAN YOU COME BACK TOMORROW." so we apologized and left.

- our lunchtime group has expanded so so much. last year, it was me, melissa, rachel, zeinah...and that's basically it. but this year we also have jp, steven lo, phillip, jordan rex, and the occasional rachel styffe + friends. it's so fun, i love watching the group grow in numbers.

- okay, i have to have all my christmas carol lines mem-oh-rized by tomorrow...so off i go to work on my british dialogue. ta ta for now, friends!


Katie said...

speaking of Christmas carols, i have been singing Christmas songs already. ;)

Sidney said...

they all just look at us stealthily, their eyes full of disgust for disrupting their sacred practice. pfft... sacred practice. you schools orchestra must be pretty serious, we just mess around all class. :D and yes, I really do want a thermos for my 16th birthday.

m e g • (an) said...

Excuse me Sidney-
Possibly synphonia messes around,
but synphonic is very very serious. We all plan to be the next yoyo ma.
heather heater heather,
you're orchestra part just made me laugh, because Sid and i are orch dorks. say whoot!