Sunday, November 9

i'm still jenny from the block.

this picture is just to entice you to keep reading.
it has nothing to do with the following post.

was my street's first ever block party.
are you ready for a list of highlights?
because here it comes.

- i was called a freak by an 11 year old i had just met
- there was a slide bounce house in which lauren and i did cool tricks down the slide to impress all the 12 year olds
- i met the cutest little child in the world. his name is luke. and he is my new hero.
- i got the word out that i babysit to some families with cute babies
- the food. was delicious.
- lauren and i put on rollerblades and showed off for the neighborhood
- i got SHOVED off of the part where you climb up to get to the slide in the bounce the same boy who called me a freak. it was really mean. like, he fully pushed me off. and it was high, too.
- rachel patla, who does not live on our street, is now on the neighborhood phone number directory. she is listed as one of the leith children.
- lauren was tackled and held captive by a vicious five year old
- these two children harassed lauren and i the entire time, and even dragged innocent luke into it too. kids these days.

oh, what a day.
great, great neighborly bonding.

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Katie said...

lol. that's happened to me before!