Sunday, November 9

"can i have some of that german shepherd?"

FACT: homeless people have a great sense of humor.
i went to hang out with them and serve them dinner last thursday.
it was an amazing experience.
there is a church that does this every week- they give a message, then serve them food, and then just hang out with them and love them. so yazz and friends and i joined.
first, we served them dinner- jade and i were on the dessert committee. this one lady was trying to ask for the german chocolate cake...but instead she said the above quote ^^. it was hilarious.

then after that we walked around and just talked to the people. it was so sad looking around and knowing that each person had lost absolutely everything. all they had was a backpack with some clothes, if that. it was really really fulfilling talking to them and hearing their stories, and one man told me how God has helped him get through the incredible hardship he's facing. oh, it was so good.

now, on the sunnier side of things- like i said, homeless people are hilarious. i offered this man some dessert, and his response was "ohh, no. i'm sweet enough already." it was a good one.
and there was this man who told us that he was a mountain climber, a mortgage broker, a world traveler, and a professional biker who knows Lance Armstrong. obviously he was lying, but it was still comical.

conclusion. i want to go back as much as possible. it was so so amazing.

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