Monday, November 3

For clarification...

the last post was referring to the Lord, not a boy, like my mother thought.
that's why You is capitalized.

don't worry, friends, i'm not letting any mysterious man break into my heart...


m e g •an said...

I was quite confused, i thought you were talking about a mysterious boy that has captivated you. But the capitalized You threw me off, then i thought it was the Lord. Now i'm all clarified.
I totally and completely agree with you. Having the Lords love is the most powerful feeling.
on the question on my blog weather i wrote that post, or Stephanie Meyer. I did. I just read one of her books, The Host, for a couple hours and it twists my voice of writing into a very dramatic form.

Katie said...

i knew it!

m e g •an said...

Heather Heather!
Hello, once again.
Well thank you for appreciating my not averagness. At random times my writing will take flight (like in that post.) Most of the time it is like that actually, i just refrain from writing in such emotion all the time. It creeps people out. They can't handle so much emotion.
to your question.
I am mormon, as well with Sid.. and most of our state, obviously. Ha. Since, in fact, I do live in Utah, i'm not quite sure what the rest of the world thinks of "us." I've heard not pleasant things. Which is strange to me. I know i love God, and you love God, yet we are different religions, but both believe. I'm very much christian, which some people don't believe. I believe in the bible, i love it actually. We are studying the new testament in Seminary this year. It is just grand. I'm not sure what to say, ha, or what you want to know. Just know, I love the Lord, i couldn't live without Him in my life.
If you have any odd questions (or any at all) you can ask, i won't be offended at all.