Sunday, October 5

my favorite verse.

[ Those who look to Him ]
r a d i a n t .
Psalm 34:5

isn't that such a great mental picture?
if we focus on the Lord, rely on Him for everything, and live every day THROUGH Him, we will naturally be radiant.
Radiance doesn't come from in a jar or a face wash.
It comes from God.
And that's beautiful.
I love it.


• m e g • said...

Amen sista!

Well, just an update:
It is 9:39, and i still have one more project to go. Yet where am i? On your blog.

I seriously hope you got all your homework done.

Awe, the love we have for the computer.

Jordan said...

This post made me smile (:

• m e g • said...

It's 7:11, i have to leave for school in 4 minutes.
I am finishing my dang homework, yet of course, where am i?

your blog, that i adore.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's MY favorite verse. I love the rest of it "...and their faces shall never be ashamed." I discovered that verse when I was your age, and it got me through so many teenage embarrassed moments when my face would flame up over something I had done. I just returned to this verse - LOOK TO HIM - and my face turned from embarrassed to radiant. Okay, not quite so dramatic as all that, but it was comforting, nonetheless.

I love you, Heath!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing that verse, Heather. It's just what I needed today. I think I'm going to go put it up on my bathroom mirror.

Katie said...

i love this verse also. it's very beautiful! =)