Tuesday, October 7

C-? no thanks.

guess who dropped out of algebra 2 honors today?

your truly.
i switched out of my fast-paced, intense honors class and into a loud, laid-back, regular class. i'm seriously excited.

there was a sign that i made the right choice about five minutes into my class:

in honors, they made every attempt to put fractions on the tests. they yearned to trick us. they gave us the hardest problems from the homework, and put the same problem on test after test after test, just to watch us get it wrong every time and laugh.

so in my new class. this kid goes "hey suarez, will there be fractions on the test?"

mrs. suarez replies, "no! why would we do that to you?"

YES. thank you mrs. suarez.

only one con:
my old teacher was really, really funny and sarcastic. i would laugh at his sarcasm for like five minutes. but hey, i can sacrifice him for a guy who sings Aladdin loudly in front of me in my new class.


Sidney said...

My math teacher is the bomb. All he does is make fun of himself for being old and without a girlfriend. He is seriously my hero. Glad to hear that you found a math class that you like. Peace Heather.

Shannon said...

youre a smart girl. youre a smart girl.

Katie said...

that's great! i'm glad to hear that math class is going great for you. =)

jason leith said...

I had Suarez!! (for geometry)