Friday, August 29

oh, sophomore year.

here's my schedule:
period 1- english honors, smedberg.
period 2- AP euro, stordahl.
period 3- spanish 2, miller.
period 4- drama 2, beidler.
period 5- algebra 2 honors, robitaille.
period 6- yearbook, kagel.
period 7- physics honors, hamilton.

all of my "2" classes are in a row. how thrilling.
any thoughts on any of these teachers/classes?
it's sure to be a great year...


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather - sounds like an amazing schedule to me. You're going to be busy, right??? Have a great year. love ya GR MA

Katie said...

sounds like you're going to have a busy year! =) i hope that you have a great year.

Jordan said...

Holy cow Heather, that schedule looks so smart compared to mine! Boo me.

P.S. Some of your teachers have quite fun last names, a la Smedberg and Stordahl. Just pointing that out.

David said...

That sounds brutal