Friday, May 30


yesterday i had dinner with ashley smith, the woman who was held hostage by brain about it or watch a video here.
(she looks waaay different now)

she was speaking at an event my dad was involved in, so my dad plus all these businessmen had dinner last night to get to know her, soooo i tagged along!

her sister, who was my age, was there too. her and ashley were both really sweet and southern and fun and open.

you might have seen her speak at saddleback about a year ago...but i heard her talk this morning. it was really really inspirational. her story is amaaaazing. she has a book, too, called unlikely angel i think.

aaaand they are making a movie about it. and ashley's sister gets to be in it!
and jennifer aniston might play ashley!

i felt like i had met a celebrity and an upcoming movie star when the night was over...

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Katie said...

you have. i just read the article about what happened. she must have had awesome courage to face that man. it have sounded so inspirational to hear that story from her own lips. sounds AMAZING! (>_<)