Wednesday, May 28

banquet cubed

i have three banquets coming up!

swim on sunday.
drama and the "distinguished mustang" awards* on monday.

clearly, i will have to pick one to go to on monday.
i've decided to go to the drama one.
fun drama people is twelve times better than a bunch of smart people.
am i right? (that is a rhetorical question, because i know i'm right.)

*my math teacher, who already made me student of the semester, nominated me for a geometry award, i guess. ohh, i am such a geek.


Katie said...

drama people are so much fun to hang out with! =D Hooray for being the student of the semester! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather. Wish you had come with your Mother! It was good to see her, though.

I'm proud that you got an award - actually it's great that you do well in so many things.

love ya, GR MA