Thursday, December 13

invisible children

most of you have probably heard of the invisible children of africa...
they walk miles and miles to a hospital to sleep at night so they won't be abducted and forced to be child soldiers and kill innocent people.
most are brutally tortured and murdered.
and for a long time, no one even noticed.

but things are changing...
and you can help.


december 14th
The Vault
come to a Sun From Shadow (and other less important bands) benefit concert!
pay just $10 that will all go directly to the children
and support the millions of invisible children in africa.



HSMer said...

I object.
the other less important bands include Foiled part of which plays in the HSM band!

Annalese said...

I would come, if i could... But i live in Australia. But yeah, ive heard about the invisible children, and ive watched the movie,its so sad, i cried. Ive been reading your blog for a while now, and could never have been bothered to comment, but the cause of the invisible children touched me so much, so when you wrote about it, i had to comment. A lady in my church has been over to Africa and built a house for 8 aids orphans, and she wants to do something about the invisble children too. Im so glad that people are actually starting to realise that its not all about them, there are other people in the world that need THEIR help. So, i hope the concert went well.

Maxdoggie said...

sorry, i couldn't go. i've been a bit busy with family and school.