Sunday, August 19


This is a letter that I got from the girl I sponsor. The information packet I got at first said "Your child will probably send you one to two letters a year." However, it has been about a year, and I have like, 6 letters from her! She is 8, and sooo cute.

"Dear my friend Heather Leith,
I am glad to send you Christian greetings. I hope that you are fine and that God is still taking care of you. I thank you so much for all that you are doing for me and my family. I am working hard at school so that I pass my exams, which we are doing in mid August. Pray for me. I like Sunday School because it has helped me to grow in Jesus. I have learnt Bible verses like in 1 Peter 5:6 which teaches me to humble myself under God's mighty hand. How is the weather there? Here, we have entered a dry season. It is time for harvesting crops. I will pray for you and wish you the best.

May God bless you.
From your child Beatrice Ampeire."

SHE IS SO AMAZING! It is so cool that just $30 dollars a month, which I could spend on a dress which I don't need, can give her food, water, education, clothes...I am so glad I chose to sponsor her, because God is using the money in such an amazing way!

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rachel kalei. said...

awww. Remember at the Revolve Tour and melissa and i wanted to get a child. But are dumb bunny moms wouldn't let us.