Sunday, August 19

17 Out of the Ordinary Things I Did In The Past 29.5 Hours

1. Frolicked in a baby pool
2. Wore a towel as a toga
3. Spit water in three people's ears (intentional.)
4. Ran across the Saddleback Campus (actually, that's normal for me.)
5. Listened to loooong discussions about lead-paint in Tokyo or something (between Melissa's mom and grandma [henceforth referred to as Grandma])
6. Constructed a cardboard car
7. Played Hearts with Melissa and her grandparents
8. Was dubbed Favorite Friend of Melissa's by Grandma
9. Played Egyptian War and Dutch Blitz with a 76 year old
10. Petted a dog that resembles a naked mole rat with an Afro
11. Re-decorated a guest room + bathroom
12. Intentionally colored on two picture frames + my kitchen table with Sharpie
13. Vacuumed a garage (which is also normal for me)
14. Discovered that we have a candy called "Key Lime Buds" sitting on my kitchen counter
15. Ate two McDonald's snack wraps
16. Watched Carson make a Java Chip frappachino at the Moxie
17. Typed the phrase "Scotch tape" (see profile.)

Now tell me...when is the last time you did all 17 of these??

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donza said...

i wish i could have done 17 unordinary things and blogged it. haa