Friday, April 27


As we all know, I saw Wicked for the second time on Wednesday.

One word- phenomenal.

Before the play, we walked to this DELISH Italian restaurant. They had interesting decor...These interesting pots were clustered on the ceiling.
I felt bad for the waitress, because I was so indecisive...
"Can I have the fettuccine portabella?"
"Do you want broccoli or spinach on it?"
"Umm...can I get chicken?"
"Sure...but that would just be the fettuccine with chicken."
"Oh, I'll just have that then."
"Wait. Actually, can I have the fettuccine portabella?"
"Sure...broccoli or spinach?"
"Hold on. Can I change my mind again? I'll just have the lasagna."
"Baked with cheese?"
"No. Wait. Um...yes."
"Okay...what would you like to drink?"
"What do you have?"
"Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Pepsi..."
"Do you have ginger ale?"
"I'll have that."

My order took so long...sorry, waitress.

We took a subway back...I am now a cultured woman. I have never taken a subway in my life. It was so fun! There were bizarre murals on the wall of the subway station.Then my sister took a photo shoot of me for my blog picture. The whole time she tried to teach me how to smile...
"Engage with your eyes!"
(take picture. look at picture)
" We can try again."
I cannot engage with my eyes for my life.

The whole thing was amazing. My brother even loved it. The songs, the actors, the sets...everything was INTOXICATING. IN A GOOD WAY. It is WAY better the second time. You don't have to worry so much about trying to understand the story and catch every line.



Shannon said...

ha! you did good with the engaging eyes after all. i posted a few.

i had so much fun hanging out with you at this!

Elise B. said...

i totally agree. wicked is the most AMAZING FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!