Friday, April 27

Blonde Moment

I don't really have that many blonde moments...but I had a HUGE one yesterday.

It was Civil War Day at my school, where we go to various stations and learn about different aspects of the War. I was at Camp Life, and there were these two men talking about how they were both war veterans and what they did to entertain themselves and such. I raised my hand and asked, "What war were you in?" Everyone just stared at me. This kid was like "The CIVIL war, duh! It's CIVIL WAR day." I did not get it. "But...I thought the Civil War was in like the 1800's..." Then someone informed me that they were just re-enacting the Camp Life, and they weren't really soldiers. I felt so stupid. The two 'Civil War soldiers' just laughed at me, as well as the rest of the group.

Wow... good one, Heather.