Sunday, April 29

Who wants to guess where I spent the past 5 hours?

At various car dealerships. NOT FUN.

11:50- Dad: "Hey Heather, you're coming with my to look at some cars."
12:30- Arrive at Nissan dealer. Look at some cars, take some for a drive.
1:00- Go to random East Indian man's house named Nile to look at a car he is selling. His house was in Amaheim Hills, aka about 40 minutes away. Take it for a spin, tell him we will give him a call.
1:40- Go to dealership about an hour away. Look at some cars.
2:00- Drive one car around for a half an hour.
2:30- Look at some more, than take same one around for another half an hour.
3:10- Decide we are interested in car. Talk for a while with salesmen.
3:30- We (or should I say my dad) is really interested. Decide we want the car. Talk to salesmen for an hour about prices in his dismal office. Sit in hard chair, pondering life abd how boring it is when you are at car dealerships.
4:30- Start to feel faint. Need food. Salesman buys Reese's for me. So kind.
4:34- Sit whilst dad talks for another 45 minutes. Boredom increasing.
5:18- Take car for ANOTHER spin.
5:45- Move to financial manager's office to sign papers. I sit there. Listening to Dad and Man talk about insurance and warranty. For a long time. Look at brochures.
6:10- Move items from Dad's car to new car.
6:40- Dad is nice. Buys me Jamba Juice.

What a boring day. My dad thought this would be a bonding time...

I don't think so. Sorry Dad.


joanna (: said...

Oh dear. That is what I call misery. I've been through that various times.

What car is it?

heather.christianne said...

a mitsubishi murano, if that has any significance...

Shannon said...

Girl, that is ROUGH. I remember many a car dealership trips. Wow. Learn to say no, and learn to never go on the car searching trips. You will always leave hungry and wishing you stayed home and finished your homework.

I love the engaging eyes in your photo.

heather.christianne said...

shannon- he made me. he called and was like "ill be there in 5 minutes. your coming." i really didnt want to though. i tried to show it in my tone of voice, but he didn't get the memo.

Courtney said...

HEATHER!! I am so excited to see you have a blog. I already love it! My favorite line from this post is : 4:30- Start to feel faint. Need food. Salesman buys Reese's for me. So kind.