Monday, April 30

My Hero

Anne Frank.
You are my role model.
Anne Frank inspires me beyond belief.

We read the play in English, and I totally plan on reading the actual book. We also read a short piece (I know, bizarre word) written by this man who traced Anne Frank's life, basically.

...everything about Anne Frank and the Holocaust in general
intoxicates me. I want to know more. I want to thrive on this. It is so interesting!!

For the past 10 minutes, I sat and pondered the Holocaust. Think of the immense pain and sorrow the Jews went through...

Every day
Every minute
Every second
Another friend, family member, or acquaintance
DIED. Just like THAT. For no absolute reason...
Other than the way they were born.

It just ANGERS me. It is NOT FAIR.

Old photographs during the Holocaust encapture me... they hold so much history, so many stories. I especially love old pictures of people. I just study the look on their face, what they're wearing, the people around them, the setting. I imagine what they are thinking- do they know what is about to happen to them? Do they realize that they are entering a DEATH camp? Where thousands and THOUSANDS died before them? I want to get inside their brain, know what they are thinking... INTERVIEW them. KNOW them.

Old things. Old things in general. Toothbrushes, jewelry, combs, pencils...anything historical makes me think so deeply. What was the person doing when they were using that item? What was going on around them? Who were they with? I read somewhere that the gas chambers in death camps to this day have paint chipped off on the inside from people scratching the walls, trying to get out as they were tortured to death. You can travel to Germany, visit the camps, actually GO INSIDE the gas chamber.

New life destination.


Forget Paris and New York. I have a physical NEED to go to Germany, visit the camps, put myself in the Jews' position. I want to know the depths of their hearts, talk to them, get to know them and what they went through. I really want to meet someone who is living today who knew Anne Frank, someone who was with her during her last moments. What was she like? Was she still optimistic, even as she was being dragged to her death?

Anne Frank. I love you. During her time at the Secret Annex, where she lived in silence for two years and ate nothing but beans, she was HAPPY. She was CONTENT. She was glad to be with the people she loved, safe for just a little while. She didn't groan and complain. She had fun. She looked for the good things in people. One of her last entries in her diary was, "I still believe that, in spite of everything, people are really good at heart." She was talking about the NAZIS. Who killed thousands, and were about to kill her. She believed with all her heart that they were good people inside. That is true character.

She inspires me to improve things in my own life...

When I am going through a hard time, what do I do in reaction? Do I complain? Do I feel bad for myself? Do I yell at people who don't deserve getting yelled at?

How do I view people? Do I point out the bad in them all? Do I search for weaknesses, or do I build them up?

I am definitely thankful for my life. We live in Orange County, with large houses, money, food, clothing, FREEDOM. We shouldn't be complaining at all! God has blessed each one of us with the freedom to go out and about without having to wear a sign saying "I'm Christian!" or "I'm Muslim!" We have the freedom to believe what we want to without being KILLED for it. We can breathe fresh air without worrying that the Nazis will arrest us for being outside after six o'clock. We are SO blessed.

Anne Frank, you inspire me beyond all things.
role model.

**I don't know why this font is so large...sorry.**


Alli Hibb said...

Not to be all "political", but this kind of stuff is still happening all over the world.

So, I guess the real question is...will you take this physical passion and go out and make a difference, just as you would have wanted to during the holocaust?

rachel kalei. said...

heather, YOU are my role model for putting my thoughts into words like that.

and alli hibb, i don't know you at all, but i appreciate you.

david thomas said...


how DARE you.

sincearly yours...

david "the ORIGINAL" thomas.

poncho said...

Dear Heather,
This is amazing. Also, I need your email if you would like to be invited to veiw my blog.

heather.christianne said...

Allison- I love what you said. So true. The world and I need to have that attitude about every problem in the world.

Rachel- thanks.

David- It's because you are so brilliant, so I felt the need to steal the brilliance.

Christy- I will email you so you can get it.

joanna (: said...

Do you understand that those are my exact thoughts in my exact brain?
Because they are and those are the seeds of thought that Giraudacles has planted in my brain. I share your passion. You just put this passion into words. Forreal.

Anonymous said...

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