Saturday, April 7

"Is mom there?" "This is Shane..." "Oh..."

When I was at my friends house (Danya), my mom called Danya's mom's (Mona's) cell phone, but my Mona missed the call. So she just pressed send twice or whatever to call her back. So I took the phone from her, and this guy answered, who I assumed was my brother. This was our conversation:

"Hi, is mom there?"
"Is mom there?"
"Uh...who's mom?"
"Who is this?"
(hang up awkwardly.)

I do not even KNOW a Shane. His voice was really creepy and he freaked me out. Whenever I dial the wrong number, I usually just hang up without saying anything. I'm so awkward when it comes to wrong numbers. What about you?


Mel East said...

omg omg thats scary that has happend to me before and one time I was really scared...

J.E.S.S.I.E. said...

yeah. not fun. i bet you laughed about it in the end though.

rochelle said...

well heather c., you are an awkward person as a whole. imnot surprised. you've dissapointed me once again.

rochelle said...

no you do know a shane though. shane brown? coulda been him. but why would your mom call from his phone. haha.

Elise B. said...

i actually love dialing the wrong number... i do it on purpose sometimes because i love freaking the person out instead of the other way around. :)