Wednesday, April 4

IFH Foundation

I would encourage all of you to donate to the IFH Foundation... it is such a great cause!! You may be wondering, What is the IFH Foundation?

Doi, it's the iPod for Heather foundation. Even though my birthday is coming up, I don't think my parents will get me one. So please donate to this worthy charity...and help music-ify one girl's life.

(or at least give me things i could say to madre and padre to convince them.)


kaylarayla said...

Dearest Madre,
I really feel that I am missing out on a huge part of life...Music! I am the loner in school, no one will talk to me, I am shunned. All because I am iPod-less. Please help to not feel as if i am alone in this world!
Your Loving (yet very sad) Daughter,

Elise B. said...

lol whens your b-day?

rochelle said...

Heath baby, you know i'll donate to any cause that benefits Heather. and just Heather. How much mulah do ou want? 3 grand? comming right up.

poncho said...

My loving mother and father,
how i love u so dearly. There is only one slight thing i ask of you.....i feel like a total looser without an ipod, do u want your daughter to be a complete outcast? I love you so much, and I think you love me, but i will know for sure if you help purchase this lovely gift for your looser daughter
Sad without it,

J.E.S.S.I.E. said...

Oh so powerful mommy and daddy, whom i love oh so much,

*get on your knees. drop a few tears...*

please please pleaseee?!?!?!?!

good luck my baby

Alli Hibb said...

Mom and Dad,
If Jesus were alive today, he would probably have an iPod.

Okay, that's probably not true...but still...I'd really like to have one.

Your spiritual daughter,

heather.christianne said...

i think i shall compose all of the above letters into one phenomenal note to Madre and Papa.

oh. Rachel. Thanks for the offer, but my mom already pays you to hang out with me, so i think thats enough...

oh. Elise. My birthday is May 5.

Anonymous said...

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