Thursday, June 9

Sentimental time--

I’m down to the last week and a half of high school. What in the world. Where did the year go? Where did high school go?

I am getting so SO sentimental as each day passes and everything has the word “last” in front of it. Last finals. Last full day of school. Last day aiding my Drama 1 kids. Last makeup test. Last sports rally. Last film banquet. Last week with the film class all together. AHHH it is so weird, because for a majority of this year I was completely detached from my school friends. I thought that they weren’t worth my time because they didn’t want the same things out of life that I did and weren’t going to call me during the summer to hang out. So I thought I’d just invest my time with my friends who I knew were going to stick around.

But recent events made me realize how dumb and self-righteous that decision was. Why didn’t I open myself up to them and love them for who they are? Why did I waste so many days isolating myself when I could have lived in the moment and enjoyed the people right inf front of me? My friends now know (I hope) that I am completely okay with who they are and the decisions they’re making, and they know I want to hang out with them. So it’s going to happen. And it’s going to be so much fun because the girls above have been my best friends since 3rd grade and it sucked losing them. SUCKED. But now I feel like I have at least one back, and I could not be more excited (Holla Melissa, I know you’re reading this) to spend my summer hanging out with her and the rest of my film friends. Because they are beautiful people who make me laugh and make me think. I feel a great summer coming my way, and a great first year of college.

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