Saturday, March 6

ComSpo's Adventures in Elle Ayyye

Yesterday the ComedySportz team went up to LA to eat dinner and see the professional ComedySportz team perform! Man oh man it was so fun.please enlarge the following picture and read the sign...
"empty: bus has been checked for sleeping children and is empty."

these are the sophiezzzzz (sophomores, if you don't know hip high school lingo) on the team.

so at the place we ate dinner, which i guess a lot of famous people go to, they have this mechanical bull you can ride. some girl got on it, and one of her friends shouted, "yeahh, america's next top modellll!" everyone assumed it was some inside joke, but i studied this girl and realized....that is salesha. winner of ANTM a few years back. ah! no one believed me until she was walking past us and these girls asked if she was really america's next top model and she said yes! so i was determined to get a picture with her. we caught her as she was leaving and she kindly obliged. here she is, in all her glory.
we also saw the store that kelli cuttrone owns in kell on earth, that VH1 show.
krazi tymez in da big city!


meg. said...

don't worry; i'm an ANTM addict & nearly peed my pants when i saw that picture.

Anonymous said...
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