Tuesday, February 23

the leith legacy.

for english, we are reading huck finn.
so one day i went to the "school book" collection of carson's book shelf to find our old copy (i do not like that word, it reminds me of the writing used in the babysitter's club books)...
and i find this mysterious, plain, black hardcover huck finn.
and i open up the front cover, and what do i find?A LEITH LEGACY LIST! i was so so excited to find this little piece of history. minus dumb carson, who decided he'd be cool and buy a new book and use that. i considered having him write in his name before i did mine but that just would not be authentic.

so i quickly added my name with a black, thin-tip sharpie and reveled in the glory of this little gem. all of us, immortalized in our 11th grade handwriting. everyone wrote little analyses in the margins, and here's my analysis on their analyses:

shannon: she wrote little bursts of theme and characterization such as "when huck is on the river he is free & himself." very straightforward. she wrote in cute half-cursive and drew shooting stars in the corners.
ryan: he stated the obvious in very scribbly handwriting. example: "he goes down the river." thanks, ry. i didn't catch that.
jason: literally wrote two things-- 1. two- or three-word chapter summaries below the chapter titles in the index. 2. a list of "rom vs. real" (romanticism vs. realism) smack in the middle of a chapter. in the middle of the novel. both items are written so tiny and scrawly that i can't read them. he also wrote "S3A" next to the second list...whatever that means. clearly he is not the write-in-books type of guy.

moving on.
when i get bored in english (aka errryday) i add to this little doodle in the back of my book.
mmm. i love it. (excuse the low-quality picture)

for this novel we also have to make a video about how a theme develops. my group's theme is nature, and we filmed it on sunday.
it involved:
-the creek running through the canyon
-boogie boards
-straw hats
-freezing cold water
-freezing cold wind
-numb hands and feet
-southern accents

believe me, that baby will be posted as soon as i finish editing it!


Jason Leith said...

Heather, this blog is simply gold. So funny. sorry that i did not leave more of a legacy for you. don't worry, there's a little more in the torrey books ;)

shans said...

ohhhhhhhh the TORREY BOOKS. now that will be a gold mine.

also a gold mine: decipher your doodles! http://www.seventeen.com/fun-stuff/special/doodle-decoder

heath(er) said...

i could ask why you were on seventeen.com but i'll just let it be.

Shannon said...

googled 'what do my doodles mean?'

Katie said...

amazing, simply amazing.

blythe said...

i love this.