Tuesday, February 23

here's me and my beaut of a sister on valentine's day;

with our valentine props.
we used props because we don't have actual valentine props, aka men.
we find it funny that our three brothers all have girlfs...and we are stuck with no lovers.
so on v-day (that term reminds me of V-E Day during world war 2...may 8th 1945!) we went to shan's friends house for a lovefeast with a bunch of 20- and 30-something women. oh, and 2 men.

it was just grand,
we had a meal of chili, cinnamon rolls, and carrot coins.
don't ask.
well, you could i guess. i wouldn't mind. we're all friends here.


Shannon said...

embrace the lack of a man heath. freedom, baby. freedom.

so glad you were able to come to the 30 year old hangout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my advice--- hang with people older and cooler than you!

Katie said...

this sounds like my kind of val. party. i spent valentines day on an airplane to Chicago...