Monday, December 28

yes, yes, and yes.

Today was filled with lovely things,

such as coffee in the morning with father leith,
and then Avatar in the evening with the very same man.

okay, Avatar. THE coolest movie i have ever seen, ever. it was so so good. i am not the biggest fan of the word epic....but epic it was.

i loved the effects that did not seem like effects at all; rather, the real world;
i loved the cool creatures;
i loved how i felt strongly for the characters;
i loved how the world glowed at night;
i loved how it made me hate the humans and love the aliens;
i loved the how much i hated that soldier that kept saying "get some!";
and i loved that my dad loved it too and quoted it to my brothers when they got home.

if you haven't seen it, go. right now. i was skeptical at first, my thoughts were, "avatar? like that cartoon network show? ew." but i don't think they are related at all. so don't fret. go go go! and watch it become your favorite movie of all time.


Annie said...

i went and saw this with my sisters and we absolutely loved it! it is just amazing.

haha and here is me, spamming your page with comments. don't mind me.

meg. said...

I also was a little irked by the man that continually said, "get some!"

Jamie :) said...

I also loved this movie :) It was amazing.

Anonymous said...

So what was the worldview? The message? Just wondering if it was purely mindlessly entertaining or not.

heath(er) said...

i have suspicions that you are my father. just saying.

Chase Parker said...

yo yo yo girl. i decided to do the exact same blogging on blogger too. so, uhh, yeah. now we can lyykkee comment each other!! :D

Anonymous said...

Great commentary on
Avatar found here

Luke said...

Avatar is incredible. :)

Justelle said...

Hey, been reading your blog for a while, so glad you're back. I went and saw Avatar the other day and totally LOVED it!!! Only I went with friends and they all said it was BORING! WHAT?!?! Crazy people!!

Glad to find there are still sane people on this earth :)

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