Saturday, August 1

i am 4 posts away from post #700.

goodness, have i really been rambling on this thing for that long?
well i would just like to share with the 5 of you that still read my blog that having a license is absolutely wonderful.
i have only driven alone twice...but those 2 times were pure bliss. and just knowing that i can drive myself anywhere i want is so great.

the first time i drove by myself was the 1 mile to melissa's house. i got in my mom's car and started driving out of my neighborhood, and i'm not gonna lie...i thought i was really cool. melissa was sitting on her doorstep when i pulled up, and she screamed and we sat in the driveway for a while talking about how great it was that i was a free woman.

then i drove a whole 5 minutes to RSM town hall for a surprise birthday party. and then i drove home. i felt like i was doing something wrong the whole i was not allowed to be on the roads. BUT I WAS.

and then today i drove myself to and from church. gosh this is great. my life begins now, complete with jangly keys.


m e g • (an) said...

isn't it great?
oh the thrills of being 16, and legal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, it' amazing to think that you are DRIVING a car! Good for you and drive safely! love ya and want you around!! gr ma