Thursday, July 23

why hello there.

i have not posted a good post in a long time.
not saying this will be one...
but i am going to ramble and rant, which i haven't done in forevs.

i have a new blog header. i was getting bored with the glow polaroid. the little catchphrase on it has no significance, really...other than i like it. i think that's significant enough. i also think i am a little too into the font Helvetica Neue UltraLight. i am currently listening to You and I by Ingrid Michaelson on's getting me in such a lovely mood. it's making me forget about my nasty nast sunburn on the whole front of my body. i literally gasped when i saw it to it's fullest extent. it's reeally bad...oooops. so much for those 2 cute dresses i just bought yesterday...

speaking of which, yesterday was a LONG day. i went to the beach in the morning/afternoon with pierce, jessie, jordan, and this boy trent who i had never met before. that's where my sunburn came from. then we went to BJ's and got a free pizookie (it was my birthday?). and theeeen i went to jessie's for a little and we talked about boizz. then mama leith picked me up and we went to kohl's and target. i really, really hate kohl's. it has no purpose in this world. none at all. after that i laid on the couch and read Ladie's Home Journal (i will read any magazine, whether it's for new mothers or middle aged women or 10 year old girls or successful CEO's. this is why i feel i am destined to work for a magazine). after that i think i read harry potter for a little while (i saw the movie in jealous. well, maybe not that jealous, seeing as there were malaysian subtitles.) and then i fell asleep for about 5 hours. the jet lag is killing me. the day before yesterday i woke up at 6 PM. not normal. i would have kept sleeping, except jason woke me up to inform me that him and my mom were eating pasta salad if i wanted to join in. i did. after that i think i ended up going to bed at like 12. i feel like it was 2 days, not 1. i really hope my jet lag goes away.

today i had my final behind the wheel! it went well, except we had to pull over halfway through and the instructor gave me a motivational talk about my lack of focus. after that, though, he said i was wonderful. i take my test in less than a week...ahh! so begins my life.

i am currently on a mission to find the perfect cut-off jean shorts. if anyone has tips, let me know.

i am somewhat excited/somewhat dreading my junior year. it will be fun i guess to be an upperclassman and go off campus legally and be in film and stuff...but on the other hand i will have honors/AP classes and saddleback classes and comedy sportz and church band and a job. which equals no time. woo!

maybe i should have made this 2 posts...or maybe 5. i had a lot on my mind. and this is my blog and i do what a want. but i tried to sprinkle in some random sri lanka pics to keep you entertained.

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