Sunday, March 15

i like big 80's sweaters

because i am wearing one right now and it is very comfortable.
moving on.

i'm sure you would all just love to know what has been the haps lately!

c a s t i n g

last friday i didn't go to school. instead i went to hollywood to help my brother ryan with the casting of a movie he's directing. i was the person that reads the lines with the actors while they're auditioning, and guesss whattt. Lance Nichols, the guy who plays the preacher from Bejamin Button tryed out! goodness gracious, it was so cool to read lines with him. what in the world.

also, this guy with a recurring role on Lost auditioned...but i couldn't find him on IMDB. his name is dimitrius something. he was amazing.

aaand one of the best actors of the two days of casting told ryan to tell me that if i ever wanted to get into the acting business, he would be happy to connect me with people because he said that the way i read the lines and acted with him helped him do his best. so that was reeeally exciting!

oh! and there was a role of a little girl to cast, so all these cute children came in with their stage moms and their little headshots. the life i have always wished i had as a child. sigh.

what a cool experience it all was, though. being one of the people that sits behind the table instead of stands in front of it. seeing person after person after person and noticing what really stands out in an audition. realizing what directors are looking for. what not to do in an audition. these are the things i will take with me for auditions in the future...

and secondly.
f u l l e r t o n t h e a t e r f e s t i v a l

for comedy sportz, we competed in this theater festival in fullerton. hence the name, fullerton theater festival.

it was full of weird theater kids with shirts that said "drama llamas strike back!" "we cause all the drama at la costa high school" "thespians do it onstage" "got drama?" "you know you're a theater kid when..." "i can't, i have rehearsal"


it was really fun though. both of our teams moved on to finals, and we did really really well, but the judges honestly do not understand improv and we didn't even place. it was ridiculous. seriously, our scenes were hilarious and they made sense. and we didn't use controversial topics or insulting accents (like everyone else). when we got our score sheets back, they had dumb comments on them like "it's best not to play an object."

....seriously? objects are the funniest part. whatever fullerton, do what you want, we had fun anyway.

so there you have it, the two big events of heather leith's week.

[ additional thoughts ]
- i like t.swift more and more each day. AH she's so great!

- i have discovered revolutionary lotion that makes my hands incredibly soft. grapefruit something from origins. i do not want to walk upstairs and look at the exact name...but it's in a clearish tub with an orange lid. if anyone wants amazing hands.

- the story of Ruth in the Bible is really good.

- i am going to New Mexico this spring break! we are going to live on a Navajo reservation and help the people there and tell them about the Lord. i'm excited.

- the new facebook layout is horrible.

- My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson is not.

- i'm still thinking about taylor swift and how much i like her.

- and now i'm thinking about miley cyrus and how much i do not like her and how ridiculous it is that she wrote a MEMOIR.

- i like magazines. a lot. i really want to work for one as a career.

- i had a dream that i drove by myself while i still had my permit...and i spent the whole dream trying to cover that fact up and lying to everyone! cool!

- which reminds me, i cannot wait till this summer when i have my license and can drive myself anywhere whenever i want! granted that i have a car available. i will not have a car, unless i want to get a job and buy one myself. i need to find a good job. i want a really fun one.

alright it has been real. have a good day friends!


Shannon said...

• you would be the best thing that ever happened to a magazine. GOAL! do it!!!

• how crappy that all of us are taking all the cars! shoot!!! make dad help you out! ;)

m e g • (an) said...

guess what heath guess what.
i'm legit.
and legal.
Yeah- i've got my licence.
your time will come.

Katie said...

i'm also being to like taylor swift as well! maybe it was the "Teardrops On My Guitar" song or maybe it was the "Love story" song that began my love of Taylor Swift.

Ruth has to be my favorite book in the Bible, because it's like a love story. Plus, i brought my friend with me to that service and we both whined about how much we wanted a Boaz. lol.

I'm with ya about the horrible new facebook layout. It's so confusing.

i have no idea why Miley Cyrus is making a memoir...

Maybe you'll be an actress someday, Miss Heather. ;)

Anonymous said...

The other actor you read with was Demetrius Gross. Checkit!


mkr mouse said...

fun post!