Tuesday, March 17

i have come to realize

that facebook is way better than myspace.
myspace is like the ottoman empire in the nineteenth century...the sickman of the internet.


Anonymous said...

NONONONONO don't tell me that you are going to stop blogging? I would miss it too much! I love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures and besides that, I haven't figured out how to do the myspace thing. You were going to help me, but I guess time ran out....... Oh well, don't stop blogging, please! gr MA

elise! said...

hey, i just learned about the sickman-ottoman thing in history today! but i agree with the facebook thing, myspace is getting a tad lame.

Katie said...

yes! finally, someone has now noticed! ;) i like facebook better than myspace (even though i don't have a myspace), because you never know who you are talking to AND it seems to me a tad safer than myspace.

Whitney said...



kamini maya said...

HAHAHAHA. "the sickman of the internet"

so true.