Monday, February 16

it's been much too long.

but, my friends, that is not my problem, because i was at Chi Alpha, also known as a church retreat, also known as GREATEST 3 DAYS EVER.

i would love to discuss it with you all, but i'm tired tired tired seeing as we went to bed at 4 AM and got up at 7 AM. and we slept in The Refinery (the student building) because if we stayed up in Big Bear where the retreat was, we'd still be there, snowed in from a blizzard.

but it was so much fun! i'll hit this here blog up in the very near future. once my brain starts functioning again.


m e g • (an) said...

i have a retreat in august. i'm so excited.

i thoroughly enjoyed your milk pun, i wish i was that clever.

comedy sportz.
hecckkk no woman. i'm not funny. my family thinks so- but you know- they have to find some talent in me. It's their job.

are. you. kidding. me?
Uhh- weird, creepy, wonderful, small world.
yeahh- i found your brothers band on iTunes. I love hunting for music. I have millions of unheard of bands. Well wow. This is really really lovely. I found them off of a link from "The Maine" and what do you know? You're related. This is really really random. My body is going into mild shock.
You can tell your brotha's that i like them a lot.

strange world.
i like it so much.

jENn!FERrrrr :] said...

tell me more about this whole bikram yoga! how do you even say it? like bick-room? or bike-ram? was it expensive? inform me.

Katie said...

i can't wait to hear more about Chi Alpha! ;)

Alyssa said...

I think I should be on that blogroll--- hmmm?