Friday, February 20


the following stories displays, yet again, how dumb i truly am:

i was at comedy sportz tonight at mission to support michael munton. he played during first half. so second half came around, and they were playing town meeting.

and in town meeting the players go out into the audience and sit on them, lay across them, etc.
so here's the thing.
michael was not onstage anymore
but for some reason, even though i was fully aware of this fact, i forgot for a second and thought he was onstage. so i wanted him to come sit by us, so i was like "MICHAEL! MICHAEL! RIGHT HERE! MICHAEL!" i YELLED it. and mission isn't rowdy at games like we are, so it was relatively calm. so mid-yell i realized...michael is not onstage anymore, remember heather?!

so i stopped abruptly and silence ensued and the audience was confused as to why i was yelling at the players, none of which was michael. so i laughed at myself.


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Katie said...

lol, i've had many embarrassing moments like this, for example: i accidently called my teacher mom once without thinking. it was sososososososososososososososo embarrassing! XP