Monday, December 1

the day i almost met aly & aj

alright, it goes a little something like this:

so melissa, rachel, and i were at disneyland, right? right.
and we had just gotten hot dogs at award weiners in the hollywood part of california adventure, right? right.
so we're walking towards tower of terror, and rachel squeezes me arm REALLY hard.
so i look two feet in front of me, and oh, there is aly & aj, tween pop superstars who we jam out to on car rides, right in front of me.
oh, you know, whatever.
they're just a really big deal.
sidenote: although they are embarrassing and we do not listen to them seriously, it was so thrilling. like, i'd get excited to see miley cyrus, even though she is a joke. right? just making sure we're on the same page.
back to the story.
aly and aj are walking in front of us with their friends.
and for the record, they look really odd in person.
aly was carrying a skull backpack and they were wearing sk8r boi shoes.
but whatever, they do what they want.
"that's aly and aj. THAT IS ALY AND AJ," rachel urgently whispers into my ear.
"oh my gosh. OH my gosh." i reply.
"what? what's going on?" prys clueless melissa.
"THAT IS ALY AND AJ," says heather.
what do we do? they are now behind us and getting away.
two girls ask them for a picture.
"sure!" they reply. they seemed like very kind girls.

"GET YOUR CAMERA OUT!" i yell to melissa.
"HOLD MY DRINK!" she screams.
i throw it on the ground, and we all continue to freak out while melissa flings everything out of her bag to find her camera.
rachel and i stare at aly and aj. they have finished taking their picture and thank the girls and walk away.
alas, melissa has found her camera. she frantically turns it on. "GO ASK THEM FOR A PICTURE." she demands.
but they're already walking away, and i don't want to a) disturb them, or b) get attacked by security guards.
so i don't.
and plus, they are already on their way.
i frantically take a picture of them walking least we could see aj's face? (she was turning around)
i will get you the picture as soon as melissa gives it to me.
we regretted not asking them for a picture, but whatever, we were THIS close to them.

AND! we also saw danny strong at disneyland, who was in sidney white, gilmore girls, seinfeld, buffy the vampire slayer, hey arnold, saved by the bell...could it get any better, people?


m e g • (an) said...

The joy you get from living in California.
Disneyland, teen sensations.
For the love.

Katie said...

that is sooooo COOL! =D it reminds me of this one time in jr. high during the Girly trip. I actually met Drake Bell! let me tell you that i don't have cable t.v., so i was totally clueless as who he was until I watched t.v. one day and saw him on t.v. and I started jumping up and down, while screaming, "I KNOW HIM!"