Friday, December 19

ahh, finally.

christmas break. thanks for existing.

i am sitting at home, listening to old christmas music, and relishing in the delightful day that just commenced. allow me to let you in on the course of events.

- i wore a christmas sweater. that right there is the perfect start to any day.

- at snack carson and landon played on the rally stage. they were grand, as per usual. this girl in my physics class sprinted up as soon as they finished and asked for their autographs...i laughed.

- everyone was happy all day. this is what i like to call the magic of christmas.

- highlight of the day: a potluck in yearbook. i brought a "sock it to me pudding ring." that was literally what it said on the label. i should talk to vons about that, that's not a normal name for a baked good. but i had a feast of food, and then we had a secret santa thing- and i got a giant bag of swedish fish plus a subway sandwich! which was exactly what i asked for. i was thrilled.

- me and my swedish fish made our way to physics, i took (and failed) my final test of the day, wished mr. hamilton a merry christmas, and then....WOOOO BREAK OH EIGHT!

- the grandparents took me to meet danielle, grant, lauren, and cory. they were planning a photoshoot. but here's the thing. it is SO cold right now. there is SNOW on saddleback mountain. that is a big deal. people were halted by the side of the road taking pictures of the feeble, barely-snow-capped mountain. needless to say, it's cold. and i was not prepared. and so we froze at altisma park and the morman church, but got some lovely pictures out of the ordeal. stay tuned.

- i have just been instructed to write that i cannot ever become president of the united states due to my birthplace. naaat my problem.

- after our photoshoot we skyrocketed over to jillian's birthday/christmas party. it was jolly fun! (that's a scrooge line. i can't get that darn script out of my head.) it consisted of dancing (vanessa. danielle. nicaragua. melissa. heather. kaiulani. [those were the names of our moves]), eating, playing down by the banks and meeting new friends. success!

i'm so excited for vacation!
tomorrow i am going to an eagle scout ceremony.
it's going to be another great day.
praise him.

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Katie said...

sounds great! when i got off of school on Friday, i got sick. i was sick for almost all of this weekend. =( not a great way of starting winter vacation.