Monday, November 24

reason number one billion why physics is irrational:

here is a problem i am supposed to be doing right now-

"At a wedding reception, you notice a small boy who looks like his mass is about 25 kg running part way across the dance floor, then sliding on his knees until he stops. If the kinetic coefficient of friction between the boy's pants and the floor is 0.15, what is the frictional force acting on him as he slides?"

uhh so how do i go about this....?
stupid sliding boy.


Sidney said...

not only is this the dumbest story problem I have ever heard of in my life, I don't know how to do it. Sorry my dear, I'm not mathematically gifted.

rachel kalei. said...

ugh! this happened to me last weekend. i saw a little boy at a wedding much like the one mentioned. but his mass looked about 35 kgs. i tried to figure out the frictional force. but i was stumped. sorry, gurl.

Jordan said...

Reason number one billion why I am most definitely NOT in Physics.
You're a trooper Heather, I applaud you.

Katie said...

ugh! that's horrible! maybe you can get one of your brothers to help you out. ;)