Thursday, November 27

my love for disneyland increases more and more with each visit.

as does my love for my family.
those are my number one and two thanksgiving thankful-nesses - my family and disneyland.

we filled an entire indiana jones car, plus ryan, who had to ride alone...
here are my attempts to document our leith-and-yamashita-filled car:

it never really worked out.

heather: space mountain is my favorite ride.
shannon: me too!
heather: this is why we're sisters.

i love love love this one vv

we also filled an entire small world boat.
and again, i failed at taking a picture of it.

oh, another failed photo attempt!
this was supposed to be a picture of the snow in our hair,

oh well, they can just be regular pictures.

this was directly after we waited for 50 minutes in front of the castle for the fireworks.
there was great fear that they would be canceled- but in the end, they happened.
thank the lord.
my favorite thing is joking around with strangers as if you have known them for years- i love bonding over the situation you both find yourselves in,
like waiting for an hour only to find the fireworks almost canceled.
it was a great great day.

i would like to thank walt disney for creating the happiest place on earth.

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Katie said...

sounds like your having a fun time! i love the pics!!! =D Happy Thanksgiving! =D =D =D