Tuesday, November 11

i was SO productive today.

- i cleaned my room. like, REALLY cleaned it. this calls for sub-bullets:
  • i threw away old papers
  • put away things that belong elsewhere in the house
  • vacuumed the sand off of my bed (long story, but i have been sleeping on sand for the past 21 days)
  • organized my shoes
  • put some clothes in the giveaway bin
  • made my bed
  • hung up my clothes
  • cleared off and organized surfaces...
  • goodness, was it ever satisfying.

- i did my laundry.

- i set out the clothes that i need to return to the people whom i borrowed them from.

- i watched some TV, ate some ice cream, checked blogs, myspace, facebook, email, etc., but only for a short time.

- i journaled and prayed.

- i ate.

- i renovated and simplified my myspace, because it was just too cluttered and i was tired of the design.

- i took a walk- down the driveway to check the mail and then back up the driveway.

- and now i am going to finish my math and a book, and do worksheets and vocab and all that jazz.

okay, this has by far been my most productive day in a long time- and it's only three PM. heck yeah.


Jordan said...

Ugh, lucky. I wish my day was this productive.
Way to go!

Katie said...

nice! i really need to go through my cupboard. ;)