Sunday, November 2

i love

how God puts people in our lives who we can look up to and strive to be as close to Him as they are.
i love how there are people in my life who i just look at in awe, because every sentence that comes out of their mouth, everything they do, all of their conversations, are to ultimately bring glory to God.

these are the people that make sure we are never satisfied with being lukewarm in our faith.
and i love that challenge
and that internal desire to be like them.
not in an envious way, but like how friends build each other up and challenge each other and better each other. like how you want to change for good and adapt certain spiritual characteristics that someone has.
does that make sense?

i am really thankful for this person in my life.


Katie said...

i also have a person like this and I'm kinda like this too. it's just awesome to look up to the person and just be amazed at whatever they say for the glory of God. it totally inspires me. =)

rachel kalei. said...

it's me, isn't it?