Thursday, October 16

some little updates

and by "some" i mean two.

-- the dance audition for the musical was on monday. it went quite well, it was a stomp-type dance, and i was in the same group as emily and cars cars. hah, great times. the vocal auditions are tomorrow, and i am singing Love Song by Sara Ba-whatever. wish me luck, friends!

-- i don't think i have shared this yet...i don't know why. but i'll share now. we are doing Cinderella, children's version, at school for drama. i am a mouse with a British big break, i know. anyway, we start performing for little kids on tuesday- and the most fabulous part is that sitting in all of our performances will be current inhabitants of my alma mater- good ol' Melinda Heights! and, we get to travel to Foothill Ranch and perform for them...oh my, excited is what i am. i am off to purchase a rodent costume...

it's been real.


Shannon said...

i want to see you in a mouse costume and a british accent. let me and donny know when it is! ahh!

Katie said...

sounds really cool! i wish that i could see it! =)