Wednesday, May 7

there have been a lot of these lately...

sorry if you hate this because you don't know the people
or these pictures have no significance to you,
but this is my blog and i do what i want!

(but not really.)

there is some actual information at the bottom if you don't like pictures...
but they are actually quite hilarious.

alright. these are from my birthday!
basically, every second of lunchtime is documented here,
by me and by others.

hooray intentional awkwardness!
oh, here's me eating an apple.


oh, here come joanna and katie...

oh, here's me and my apple and my ugly hair, part two.

awk to the ward

[nice double chin rachel]

you can never get enough stephen lo!

look at how he sits!
it's great!

oh, and this is the day after, sitting on the pool deck
for two hours because of block schedule!

alright, i know you're all D Y I N G to know all the little details from my birthday...

- for my family birthday, we had a dinner of fettuchine alfredo with asparagus, peppers, and chicken, along with Caesar salad and bread. dessert was homemade spice cake...mmm.

- at school, i got brownies from a semi-random girl, cookies from JPP, cookies and a sign from Danya, Muddy Buddies from Rachel, and an acrostic poem from Bree...

- and today JPP gave me a Jana Alyra VHS tape, gum, and a little racecar.

- when the day was done, i had eaten no brownies or cookies. everyone else had eaten them...but i just ate some now.

- after i went birthday shopping with my money from my grandparents. i got a coral dress from Nordstrom and a top and jeans from American Eagle.

- from my family, i got Origins stuff, my phone, and these shelves (in birch) that i have wanted for like two years!

- and i got texting!!

- i had dinner with my sister and my mom at Rudebegorz (spelling?) in Fullerton. We gave our half-eaten apple pie to the three guys sitting next to us...they totally accepted and ate it.

- so....that's it.

now rachel's birthday is on SUNDAYYY.



rachel kalei. said...

oh, and this is the day after cinco de heather, on the pool deck with rachel patla with a middle part.

Katie said...

ha ha ha! they actually ate the apple! sounds like u had fun! =D

Jordan said...

I love Muddy Buddies! My friends always argue about what to call them so I made up my own name for them, and it's Chalky Chex. Get it? Cause they're made out of Chex mix and look like they have chalk on them. Oh! I'm good (:

JP! I remember him! HUMEEEE! Good times hangin' with him and Pierce (: