Sunday, May 4

a photoshoot, babysitting, disgusting photobooth, and FRIENDS.

well, the weekend began with the SFS CD release concert.
i was the merch girl, so i was calmly sitting at the back the whole time.
this was the first time i wasn't a young rockin' chick.
i actually quite liked it.
i wasn't worn out by the end of the night.

before the concert, rachel and zeinah and i had ourselves a little photoshoot around saddleback.
here are the results!

i look semi-bizarre, but i like it still.

then yesterday, we babysat carson and autumn.
we swam in their pool for three hours, ate pizza, got ice cream from the ice cream man, played Carnival Games on the Wii, put them to bed, watched Mean Girls, and made $62.

be prepared for the grossest pictures you have ever seen.

and today is the day i celebrate my family birthday!
it's been real...


rachel kalei. said...

i almost peed my pants.
those pictures should not be available for the public.

Katie said...

ha ha ha ha! i luv the pics. HAPPY B-DAY!!!!! =D