Friday, April 25

photos galoooore

lovely, jason.

these pictures are mainly for the entertainment of myself, zeinah, rachel, JP, and melissa.
but if you get a laugh out of them
[then it will be a jolly good time]

he let us try on his glasses.
he never lets us.
but yesterday i guess he was feelin' good...
i think he could classify as legally blind.
his glasses are thick bifocals, and when worn,
the world is one giant blob of haziness,
and you see two of everything.
oh, JP.
"Miss Rachowwwww....."
(look at stephen's furtive glance)

8 words to describe stephen: a clueless boy who does not understand anything.

okay, moving on. here's cory.

now here's Rojo and Danya.
this was this morning in drama.
they were jumping off chairs.
my shutter speed makes pictures very odd.

oops, too early.

hoorah for the past week of my life in photo form!
my birthday is in 10 days!

alright, go do something fun.


rachel kalei. said...


Katie said...

lol! awesome photos. i miss small group!!!

Shannon said...

i used to hang out at that corner place too!

this is why we're sisters.

i'm so excited you'll almost be 15!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, when I first saw that picture of Jason (as I quickly scrolled down the pictures) I thought you caught some amazing flinging snot from his nose! Oh well, it would have made a good ya, GR MA