Monday, April 28


i am applying to be on the yearbook staff next year
and we have to fill out a two-page application...

and i love it. because we all know i love filling out forms.
but i will be so excited if i make it. i think yearbook will be perfect for me,
because i love writing and making layouts and headers and taking pictures and organizing and putting things together...

[[i think it will be my cup of tea]]
*brumby is the name of our yearbook. i don't know why.


Elise! said...

it took yearbook! i didnt find that i enjoyed it too much, hopefully high school yearbook is way different!

and i think you will get it(:

Anonymous said...

Well, Heather....would this replace your time in the pool? Can you do both next year? Love the picture of you in TP!

love ya GR MA

Katie said...

awesome, heather! i believe that yearbook will be the perfect for you, since you love doing those awesome headers, etc. =D

bk said...

haha this is funny because my sister is the editor-in-chief this year so you have to interview with her.

i'll put in a good word :)