Saturday, March 8

At Least Go Someplace Fun

Why is it that the "cool" 8th graders (and some "select" ninth or seventh graders) hang out by the movie theaters?

Melissa and I noted this yesterday.
We made a documentary on it.
We tried to interview some 8th graders,
but they were too cool for that.

Seriously, you could at least hang out somewhere fun besides Edwards Cinemas.

It's also cool not to dress cute. It's super cool to wear an "ugly" sweatshirt and jeans and look like you threw your hair in a messy ponytail and don't care, when really, you spent hours trying to look like you spent 5 minutes.
this makes me laugh.

come on now, get a life.

note: i know that most 8th graders are legit. i was one of them.
so don't get offended. i like you.

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Katie said...

that makes the two of us! i also do that. i'm tired of primming and spending like an hour trying just to put on makeup! =)